What is with me finding joy in double meanings of words? To be continued...

Here it is: I am ABSOLUTELY OVER College Algebra... and it's only the third week of school. Why, must you ask? Well, does telling you that this is my FIFTH yes FIFTH attempt at taking this wretched class answer your question at all? I go to class, sort of get it, look over it, go home, bring up my homework, start off, work at it, get really freakin' confused and end up putting it off, try to finish it all last minute and finally end up SCREAMING at my poor computer (like it can do anything about it)! I'm just over it all... again... for the fifth time.

I'm a hospitality major. We're happy people. College Algebra does NOT make me happy.

In reference to the above, I have since learned "Algebra" is also the name of a female R&B singer, pictured above. Who's crazy enough to call themselves THAT?


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