NYE in NYC...

... has become New Year's Eve in New Jersey.

Random? Indeed.

I'm going to an annual party with Matt in his home state with a group of friends from Off Broad Street Players, et al.

Since plans to be in Times Square to watch the ball drop changed, we were kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place in finding something to do tonight. These new plans came to fruition around 12:30 this afternoon.

We just got off New Jersey Transit (a train) and are presently in the car being driven by his friends to Bridgeton. I'm not going to know a single person at this party besides Matt, but, since this entire trip has mostly been completely spontaneous, I figured what the hell. It'll be great for Matt to be home with his friends, so that makes me happy. Besides, "spontaneity" is my middle name (so is "heart on your sleeve", but that's for a different post), so this trip should at least be somewhat fun.

Back to the city in the morning, though, as I have to catch my flight back home to begin a new, hopeful decade in Orlando. Let's hope the weather doesn't delay me much (or at all), as that would be a dreadful way to begin 2010.

Full trip(s) report to come... Happy New Year, all.


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