Look what I found in NYC!

So, I was being lead through this fabulously cold city yesterday by my friend Matt (again, not me) and look what we came across...

Yes! It's World of Disney New York City!

Too bad it's closing next week and everything in the store is 75% off. Sadness. Made for some cheap shopping, though! It was like a SALSA sale but without all the junk!
(SALSA [sahl-suh] (n) 1. Spend A Little, Save A lot; seasonal merchandise liquidation for Walt Disney World Cast Members and their guests; usually filled with a bunch of overstocked crap)--

I also came across snow in the city. It was rather disgusting. Definitely NOT snowball kinda snow. You couldn't pay me enough.

We then continued our journey through Central Park and saw lots more pretty things. (I'm not an English major, by the way.)

Oh, and I found an anorexic Block Party Bash cone! It was sad. Needed some Pixar Pals to help cheer it up and feed it NERF balls, or something.

Off to see this tonight! Woo hoo!

Well, that's my little update. Impressed? I am, too.


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