First time paying RENT

I saw it. I finally saw it.

And it was INCREDIBLE.

Yes, it's true. I have never:
  • Seen the hit Broadway musical
  • Caught the movie version of the show
  • Heard more than two songs on the soundtrack
  • Really known anything in particular about the storyline
Until tonight. I finally crossed three of those four off that list. It was awesome.

RENT is currently touring across the country and has made a stop here in Orlando for the next few days. Featuring two of the original cast members, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, the show is currently at the Bob Carr where I got to see it for the first time tonight. Chase and I went to see it (him for the second time) and it was spectacular. Chase didn't think I'd like it, but, to his surprise, I did (and he even liked it better than the first time he saw it).

The music was beautiful. The acting was great. The story was touching. I loved it.

That, and I really enjoyed seeing Anthony on stage, as I have loved him ever since he revived "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" back in 1999. Happiness all over.

As the show deals with the topic of AIDS, Anthony also talked briefly with the audience just after curtain call about fundraising they have been doing for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Partnered with their friends back in New York, they have raised over $200,000 to help people with HIV/AIDS in our communities get the help and care they so desperately need. So cool. They were even selling autographed posters and playbills and auctioned off a backstage experience right then and there to raise even more money!

Of course, I bought one.

If you haven't seen the show before, do it. Just do it. There is no way to regret that decision. This tour is making just four more stops and if you can get to the show, make it happen. No day but today, right?

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