NYE in NYC...

... has become New Year's Eve in New Jersey.

Random? Indeed.

I'm going to an annual party with Matt in his home state with a group of friends from Off Broad Street Players, et al.

Since plans to be in Times Square to watch the ball drop changed, we were kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place in finding something to do tonight. These new plans came to fruition around 12:30 this afternoon.

We just got off New Jersey Transit (a train) and are presently in the car being driven by his friends to Bridgeton. I'm not going to know a single person at this party besides Matt, but, since this entire trip has mostly been completely spontaneous, I figured what the hell. It'll be great for Matt to be home with his friends, so that makes me happy. Besides, "spontaneity" is my middle name (so is "heart on your sleeve", but that's for a different post), so this trip should at least be somewhat fun.

Back to the city in the morning, though, as I have to catch my flight back home to begin a new, hopeful decade in Orlando. Let's hope the weather doesn't delay me much (or at all), as that would be a dreadful way to begin 2010.

Full trip(s) report to come... Happy New Year, all.

Look what I found in NYC!

So, I was being lead through this fabulously cold city yesterday by my friend Matt (again, not me) and look what we came across...

Yes! It's World of Disney New York City!

Too bad it's closing next week and everything in the store is 75% off. Sadness. Made for some cheap shopping, though! It was like a SALSA sale but without all the junk!
(SALSA [sahl-suh] (n) 1. Spend A Little, Save A lot; seasonal merchandise liquidation for Walt Disney World Cast Members and their guests; usually filled with a bunch of overstocked crap)--

I also came across snow in the city. It was rather disgusting. Definitely NOT snowball kinda snow. You couldn't pay me enough.

We then continued our journey through Central Park and saw lots more pretty things. (I'm not an English major, by the way.)

Oh, and I found an anorexic Block Party Bash cone! It was sad. Needed some Pixar Pals to help cheer it up and feed it NERF balls, or something.

Off to see this tonight! Woo hoo!

Well, that's my little update. Impressed? I am, too.

My loyal followers...

I know, I know. I haven't been the nicest to you recently. You come here for a laugh or two, some insight into my world, an explanation of the meaning of life... and I let you down. It's just not nice.

This past month has been extremely hectic with finishing the school semester, working like crazy, Christmahaunakwanzaka, visiting California and so on. There are so many things I need to talk about, but there just hasn't been the time.

To sum up real quick (as mentioned earlier), I just got back from Disneyland and San Francisco, which were awesome. I had such a great time visiting the Golden State with my Mom! Now, I write to you as I stand in line at Orlando International Airport, waiting to check my bag onto a JetBlue flight. Flying again so soon, you ask? Well, I'm now taking a daring journey on my own up to New York City for New Year's Eve! I'll be meeting my friend Matt up there (different Matt - not another version of myself) for 6 days of excitement and adventure. It's gonna be incredible.

It's also going to be freezing. I don't really do cold all that well, but I'm going to have to. When I land, it'll be 43 degrees - and that's the high. Brrrrrr!!! (My recent visit to ICE! at Gaylord Palms was prep for that.) What's really going to be fun is spending hours standing outside in Times Square for NYE. Hope I can stay all bundled up with my scarf and hand warmers! Look for me on TV!

It's going to be a busy trip, but I'll try to update you at least once while I'm up there. Or, for those of you in the know, follow my facebook! I just LOVE updating my status every 5-7 minutes.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, as well! See ya soon.


More to follow...

iChat... no really, I do.

I have a Mac. I use iChat. I video chat on it.

It's one of the coolest things, ever. Enough said.

No, that's not me. I actually have no idea who either of those people are.
It's just for illustration. Deal with it.

First time paying RENT

I saw it. I finally saw it.

And it was INCREDIBLE.

Yes, it's true. I have never:
  • Seen the hit Broadway musical
  • Caught the movie version of the show
  • Heard more than two songs on the soundtrack
  • Really known anything in particular about the storyline
Until tonight. I finally crossed three of those four off that list. It was awesome.

RENT is currently touring across the country and has made a stop here in Orlando for the next few days. Featuring two of the original cast members, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, the show is currently at the Bob Carr where I got to see it for the first time tonight. Chase and I went to see it (him for the second time) and it was spectacular. Chase didn't think I'd like it, but, to his surprise, I did (and he even liked it better than the first time he saw it).

The music was beautiful. The acting was great. The story was touching. I loved it.

That, and I really enjoyed seeing Anthony on stage, as I have loved him ever since he revived "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" back in 1999. Happiness all over.

As the show deals with the topic of AIDS, Anthony also talked briefly with the audience just after curtain call about fundraising they have been doing for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Partnered with their friends back in New York, they have raised over $200,000 to help people with HIV/AIDS in our communities get the help and care they so desperately need. So cool. They were even selling autographed posters and playbills and auctioned off a backstage experience right then and there to raise even more money!

Of course, I bought one.

If you haven't seen the show before, do it. Just do it. There is no way to regret that decision. This tour is making just four more stops and if you can get to the show, make it happen. No day but today, right?

Find out more at www.SiteforRent.com and www.BroadwayCares.org.

Oh, Michael!

Hi kids.

In case you didn't already know, there is this guy... named Michael Bublé... that is a singer... who is INCREDIBLE.

He just released his new album, "Crazy Love", featuring the hit single, "Haven't Met You Yet" (which I mentioned back in September) and the whole thing has been playing nearly non-stop around my house.

Now, I have been quite the fan for some time now. You can even here his version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" in my music player to the right!

Even though his songs were always cycling through my playlists, I attended my first concert with him at the UCF Arena back in February 2008 and fell in love. He had such a beautiful voice and put on a great show! From then on, I knew I'd be going to see him each time he came to town...

... and this March, he'll be back. Stopping by Amway Area on March 10th, he'll begin his next tour, with me seated inside. I just bought a pair of great tickets in the venue's pre-sale and couldn't be more excited!

It will have been over two years since I last saw him live, but will most certainly be worth the wait. Will I see you there?

Tickets to the tour's opening night here in Orlando officially go on sale to the public this Friday at 10 AM. Don't forget!

Feeling the Holiday spirit

Thanksgiving has now come and gone, so that means...


I always get excited when December comes along, as Christmas has been my favorite time of year ever since I was little. I guess it's because I always enjoyed getting and decorating a tree, going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, receiving presents, staying warm and so on. Now that I'm older, I still enjoy many of the things I did as a little kid, but have found the joy of giving presents and making the holidays special for those that are special to me.

So, for starters, I'm giving YOU (my loyal followers) a nice little holiday playlist that you can keep open while you're browsing the web for holiday bargains, decorating the house, or doing whatever else you do. Music of the holidays ALWAYS puts me in the spirit and here's to hoping it does the same for you.

Tonight, to get myself in the holiday spirit, I went to Epcot to watch John O'Hurley read at the Candlelight Processional (which I am again performing in as part of the Cast Choir... more to come) and watch IllumiNations! Reflections of Earth's special Peace on Earth finale. If you haven't seen either of these, make it a point to do so! They are both a very special tradition for me and help to get the holidays going in full swing.

After, I came home, unpacked the Christmas decorations and went outside to put them up! It's my first Christmas in the new house and, although I don't have a lot of room to put up lights, I wanted to make it special. So, the decorations are rather simple, but they work for me. What do you think?

Here's to a happy December and a Merry Christmas!