Life since May 22nd

Well, since my poor blog has nearly been left in the gutter since my last REAL post on May 22nd, let's see if I can do a brief overview on life since then. Fancy headings, maybe? Bear with me, there's a lot of stuff... here we go.

Well, probably the biggest thing to happen to me in the last year is the fact that... I NOW OWN A HOME!!! A 3/3 town home, to be specific. Mom has really helped me out a lot with the down payment, as well as painting, outfitting, and all the other things necessary to make this work. It was quite the headache to make happen back in May, but was totally worth it. I'm so lucky to have had the economy, timing, and financials to be working in my favor to make this happen. Allie and Elisha are renting the two other rooms from me this year which, after a few "growing pains", is starting to work out pretty well. It's pretty crazy to know that I really am a homeOWNER instead of a home/apartmentRENTER. Although the thought of being "tied down" has crossed my mind, it really doesn't bother me all that much and I'm planning on making a move in five years or so. Hopefully, the cookies will be crumbling just right to make things work then, too.

This is Grandma. My Dad's mom. She was an amazing woman. She found home with God in the middle of July. It was hard. Really hard. Grammy, my Mom's mom, passed away around the time of Hurricane Charley in 2003. That was really hard, too, as she was the first person I can remember being close to that passed away. Grandma's death wasn't any easier. Probably even more difficult to accept in the fact that I had grown older and really learned the value of these relationships. Grandma was, by far, one of the most spiritual people I have ever known... and that was inspiring. She loved God, her family, her career, and the world around her. I may never truly realize the blessing she was to me, as the concept of death is something I still have a problem fully grasping. Maybe one day, though. Love ya, Grandma.

Not to harp on the previous theme too much, but 2009 really has been a rather sucky year overall. In particular, the number of notable deaths have been astonishing. From MJ to Farrah, Ed to Ted and Les to Patrick, it's just been insane. I've always hated odd-numbered years (weird, I know), so, hopefully 2010 will bring a lot of good things.

It's been quite the roller coaster. Spring > Summer > Fall > Now heading towards Spring. Starting with a full load, screwing up, not going to classes, making up for it, maintaining a good rhythm, withdrawing from classes, losing track of my schedule, and so forth. HOWEVER, as long as I stay on track (or whatever the hell you want to call it), I will walk in August 2010. Now that I can put a near-definite date on it, the thought of graduation seems a lot more plausible... which is good, very good.

Okay, so I've only taken one trip this year (unlike last year's record), but it was a good one I figured it should have it's own heading. Back in August, I went to Utah to visit my friend Randall and had SUCH an awesome time! Randall was awesome hosting and taking me around to all these different places in a state I had never visited before. I learned about copper production at a mine that can be seen from space, went to a zoo, museum and aquarium for the first time in forever, climbed mountains, explored caves, saw beautiful gardens, went into Salt Lake City, saw the torch from the 2002 Winter Olympics and learned all about the LDS Church (which, surprisingly, was really interesting). I also got to hang with Amy, who I met on Randall's last visit to Florida, as well as a few of his friends from out there. They were all super-cool. I took 1,376 pictures, as well as uploaded a bunch of mobile pics from my phone to document the journey (in other words, picking just one for this post was rather difficult, nor can it even begin to describe the trip). The whole visit was just so amazing, I loved every minute. Hope I can get back out there again soon!


I celebrated one year of "continuous" service in June, receiving my one year pin... finally. I'm not bitter after being employed by the Company since May 2003, it just seems like it's been quite the trek to this one little piece of metal. Nonetheless, I'm really happy to have it. So yay.

Also, in the little over a year that I've been in Entertainment (following my management internship that was in Spring 2008), I've actually learned a lot of different things. I was thinking this wasn't for me just a few months into the role, but, looking back, it sure has been a lot of fun and something that I'm certainly glad I made a step into. Here are just a few pics of some fun things I've got to be a part of so far... let your imagination run wild! 

That's just a small sampling of some of the exciting things that have kept work interesting and fun for me. Also, I'm learning how to swim "Under the Sea" right now and that whole process should be done by the end of this week. That has been the most challenging thing in this department so far, but will certainly be worth it in the end. More to come!

Why don't we just skip to the air conditioning and Jacuzzi period, huh?

I know, I know. I'm a nerd. Stop judging.

Anyway, I just can't seem to get this right. I think I've made somewhat of a valiant effort four times in the past few months, but with no avail. Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places - that idea has crossed my mind a few times, too. Maybe it's the fact that I'm just looking too hard... that, or I like crushing on straight boys, which NEVER works. Or, maybe I really do have an issue with commitment. This concept is really strange to me, though, as that's not who I know I am. I can commit. Perhaps it's just the issue with wanting to, but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that the present situation just isn't right.

I think I'm back to the whole "enjoying the company of myself" stage. However, that thought never helps at night when I find myself being rather pensive. Oh, well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for 2010, but not fret if the chance doesn't pop up right in front of my face. We'll see what happens.

In Conclusion
Now, that wasn't all that bad, was it? Okay, don't lie. It was long. I barely scratched the surface to encourage you to read everything, so I hope that worked. (and this is why I keep everything in my iCal, so I can ACTUALLY remember some of these things) And if you made it all the way down here, I commend and thank you. Now that I've FINALLY jumped over the hurdle of bringing this thing back up to speed, I'll be posting more often. It's just been the odd-numbered year, I swear.

I'm glad to be back!


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