To all nametag-wearing CMs,

Please remove your nametag when you stop ANYWHERE after work... gas station, grocery store, and so on. It just needs to be done. It's bad enough to walk in with it on, even worse when buying alcohol.

And don't wear your costume into Ale House, or any other bar or bar-related locale. At least change your shirt, it doesn't take that much effort.

That is all.


brycrasch said...

YES! It is my biggest pet peeve EVVVVVEEEERRRR!

your friend said...

I 1,000% agree.
VERY unproffesional.

your friend said...

unrelated, but still..
I hate country music... but I love Nickel Creek, good music selection!

Dan said...

my favorite was the cm that I saw in full costume...including nametag doing a field sobriety test. I mean really?!?!?!

Now it's official. I have completely stalked you

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