I know, I know.

It's been FAR too long. I know. All the cool kids aren't writing in their blogs, so I just had to join!
But now they've started writing again. Guess I have to, as well. =P Anywho, let's see if I can pull off a summary of the past, oh, 10 days.

This past Saturday (the 7th) was fun. I was super-desperate for hours, so I picked up work at the Sports Complex in Concessions. Figured it wouldn't be that difficult, maybe even fun, as I've worked there in the past. ("The past" is definitely right, as I first thought it was only 10-12 months ago. But, I looked it up and realized I hadn't worked there since, oh, October 21, 2005. Yea. That was over three years ago.)

I arrived around 11 AM and was immediately thrown into it. I stocked a few carts for about an hour then took over for another CM at a cart in the Jostens Center so she could go on break. I had the "pleasure" of watching a bunch of cheerleaders do their thing down on the stage, as well as seeing a bunch of both happy and extremely tearful ones. If I ever have a daughter and she expresses an interest in cheerleading, I'll be pointing her in the direction of karate.

After selling far too many pretzels and the like, I went on my hour break. About 15 minutes before I was finished, I went down to the office to ask if A) they needed me for another hour and B) if they needed more help that night, as I was soliciting Chase (he was off work at Magic Kingdom soon). They said "yes" to both accounts and the Ops Manager who was in there asked, "can your friend coming from Magic Kingdom bring us pretzels?" as we were selling them like crazy. I thought she was joking, so I just played along for a beat. After realizing she was actually serious in getting some from Stands West at MK, I offered to take a van to pick up both the boxes of pretzels and Chase. They were super-excited when I told them I was familiar with the area, immediately said "yes" to letting me go over there, handed me the keys, and I was off.

I picked up Chase, got him a generic costume, and headed into the Tunnels to get the goods. An hour and a half later, I was back with 7 boxes of frozen pretzels and one additional Cast Member. It was awesome.
On Sunday (the 8th), I managed to pick up an opening shift at Coaster from Brian and then went to DAK to drive parade. Mom came up that evening and we spent some time at Epcot. Later that evening, Allie, Elisha, and I went to Wal-Mart where I got to ride around in the cart, having tons of groceries piled on top of me. And yes, I was a good value, but not on sale. Good times.

Tuesday morning (the 10th) was rather exhausting, as I wasn't able to get any sleep the night before due to being a failure and sleeping in for most of the day. I went to a special Color Coding with the hopes of improving my colors (our "skill coding" system in Entertainment) and I did the usual Movement/Animation, as well as puppets and stilts. Although I'm already making progress with stilts (more to come on that one later), I wanted to try something more. It was alright, just long and mildly tiring. Wish I could have done a bit better, but we'll see what happens in time.

That night, Ryan, Jimmy, Allie, Dan, Elisha, and I went out to Logan's for dinner. I love Logan's. I kinda fell asleep and was a bit late (blame the day), but still made it for some food. After, we went to Dippin' Dots and I kidnapped them all to Old Town for a bit. It was a fun evening.
Finally, here I am at last night, something I had been waiting for for a long, LONG time... the "Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It!" Cast Previews! AHHHHHHH! It was amazing, to say the least. I went with my new friend Dan and met up with a bunch of people from work/school/etc.

What can I say? I REALLY loved that show! To join the opinion of the masses, I agree it's not all that original, but still wildly fun. My roommate even said he liked it, which, if you know Alex, is quite the complement. It's gonna be a lot of fun for our Guests, but will probably be quite the hot mess come Phase 4 closings. We shall see!

Since I'm talking so much about the show, I guess I'll go ahead and publicly admit it here... MISICI is the reason I'm still in Entertainment. Ever since it was announced back in August, I've wanted to do stilts in it. Badly. I didn't really even know all that much about it when it was first talked about, I just knew I wanted it. I've gone to the mover workshops, came back a day early from my vacation to Colorado in December to audition for stilts (as I had mentioned here) and, of course, went to a voluntary Color Coding on Tuesday. It's something I know I can do. It's something I know I want. Honestly, it's all I'm holding out for. I love Entertainment, it's fun, but I really want this show. With a passion.

I've definitely made the right step, as that stilt audition in December has landed me in rehearsals for stilts in my good ol' past time, Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at DAK! It seems like I'll never get away from that thing. It's okay, though, as it still is something else I'm learning, which is a good start. Besides, who knows? It might just be the extra boost I need to get back to MK.

ANYWAY, Dan and I went to dinner at Steak 'n Shake after the preview, which was great. We talked in the parking lot until 3:30 or so before going home. We'll see where things go with that one...

Today was alright. Yes (Ryan and Jimmy), I DID go to class (most of them) and actually got caught up a bit. I TOTALLY missed the American Idol Experience Press Event today, which kinda bums me out, but I'll survive. I don't really like the show, just the attraction. It would have been cool to see Ryan Seacrest, though. Oh well, I'll just have to live vicariously through Chase, as he got to do and see SO MUCH MORE today than I could ever imagine! Lucky Production Coordinators.

Tomorrow is looking rather promising, as I'll be at MK bright and early to cheer on my friends Meaghan and Casey in MISICI's Grand Opening, followed by my usual day at MJJP. However, I'm scheduled to drive, wait for it... Rafiki! First time EVER since I was driver trained in July! Woot! If I get pulled, someone's gonna get stabbed. ;)

Sorry this one was so freakin' long, I just didn't want to miss anything! I'll be more punctual with my posts from here on out. Promise.


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