A 5K? No way!

This past Saturday morning I participated in WESH 2's Run Around The Universe 5K at Universal. It was an un-timed "fun run" and I had a great time!

I finished in 26:45, which is surprising because I haven't ran in months and am WAY out of shape. Nonetheless, I was happy with that time. I did use an 8-year-old to help me pace for about a mile and a half, though... is that wrong?

The end of this month will be bringing the ESPN The Weekend 5K at the Studios, an all-new event for this year, which I also plan on participating in. It will be timed and you even get a cool medal after finishing! Races through the Parks are the best.

I'm using these to help me prepare for my New Year's Resolution in 2010: "Run every Disney road race... including the Marathon." We'll see how that one goes!


Jimmy said...

wait. you have a new years resolution for 2010 already...?

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