I'm not superstitious...

... but look what happened in the shower tonight! I've NEVER broken a mirror before, this was definitely a first. To top it all off, it's Alex's, so hopefully he won't be TOO mad.

I was just resting my head on the wall underneath the shower head, while the relaxing hot water poured over my neck, and BAM! My elbow moved an inch too far, I heard a crash, opened my eyes, and saw just what had happened.

So, now I've broken a mirror and Mercury's still in retrograde (see here, here, or here for more on that one)... things aren't looking too good at all.

I just hope the coming days don't spell disaster for me!


Randall said...

I hope that you didn't get injured! That's a scary thing to have happen in the shower. I've broken a mirror before, and I didn't have bad luck, so no worries :)

Jimmy said...

Who has a mirror in the shower? Awkwaaard.

and Astrology is stupid.

Matthew said...

It was Alex's. I think he used it to shave.

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