The American Idol Experience

What can I say? I have had SO MUCH FUN over the past few weeks play testing, staying up late for a commercial shoot, and singing on the stage of The American Idol Experience at the Studios! It has been great to be a part of its opening process.

If you haven't had the chance to visit yet, just do it. Go check out a show or even get to the Park early to audition!

So much effort has been put into it to make it seem just like the real thing - and that feeling has been accomplished. The production, for those watching the show, is simply incredible. For those choosing to participate, it's one of the most interactive things you can do at Walt Disney World.

The attraction officially opens on Saturday, February 14th, with a rather large Media Event planned just a few days before. In the meantime (for all my CM friends), you can still play tomorrow (Sunday the 25th). On Monday, the coveted "Dream Tickets" will start to be awarded and we will no longer be able to participate on stage. However, it'll be neat to see people actually winning the prize.

So, get over there and have a good time with it! I sure have.


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