22... don't you just LOVE the alliteration?

Yep, it happened. It was inevitable. I... turned... 22 years old!

Crazy, huh?

I'm looking forward to this 22nd year of my existence on this planet (probably mostly because I really like the number 22). It has started out pretty well and promises some good times ahead. Let's hope it stays that way!

Anywho, to go into a bit more detail on what was previously mentioned, I had a pretty good time this birthday. As the clock struck Midnight on the 17th, I was actually in an online Chat Room with Ryan, Jimmy, and Kim. It was nice to have a few birthday wishes right at Midnight. Shortly thereafter, I went out to Pulse for a few drinks... some of which were free. That was fun.

Later that day, I awoke to a few birthday messages left by my roommate, Alex (thanks, A!), and headed off to Epcot to meet up with Chase and Matt. We had planned to drink around the world, but only managed to hit up two countries. That was okay, though, as I still had a great time... and got to play Kim Possible's World Showcase Adventure... twice! Hooray! We even ran into Allie at work.

We finished the day with dinner at Rose and Crown in the UK (which included some "Happy Birthday" singing and fantastically obnoxious yelling from Scot, our server) and watched the fireworks from the porch. It was a great time.

Tonight (well, yesterday now), Mom came up for a visit and we went to eat at The Turf Club Bar and Grill inside Saratoga Springs Resort. I had never been there before, but it was actually pretty good. Our meals were excellent and I even got a little (well, a lot) of "Happy Birthday" singing from the entire restaurant over my apple pie dessert.

We came back to my apartment and had cake that my Mom made while I opened up presents. Due to all our trips to Disney each birthday, I haven't had the chance to open a lot of presents for a while. It was nice, for a change.

Well, there you have it: my 22nd birthday. Now, only 363 days to go until my 23rd! Woo hoo!


Miranda said...

I'm so glad you had a happy birthday! Here's to a great year ahead!!

ley said...

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M.Maria M. Coutinho said...

Happy birthday!

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