New Year, New Things

Well, we're now one whole week into 2009 and I've found that this is definitely the year for new things:

-New Year (duh)
-New school semester
-New computer (yay!)
-New friendships
-New resolutions
-New celebration and attractions at work
-New outlook on life
-New boy (hopefully more on that one soon)
-New home in July
-New blog music! (hope you're enjoying it)

I just love new things. It's like Christmas all over again.

Oh, and thanks to Bry over at Myself In Center for providing me with some relaxing BGM while writing this post. You're awesome. =)


Miranda said...

You're always so positive! I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get a playlist on my blog! Maybe you can help me?

Matthew said...

Totally! It's really easy, we'll have to get together sometime and do it!

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