What a weekend... and then some

Wow, it sure has been quite the weekend at work! Friday and Saturday were Parade as usual, however, in the mornings I was treated to a couple exciting shifts. I got to be a "play tester" for the brand new American Idol Experience at the Studios - it was so much fun! Basically, myself and about 20 others played the role of normal Guests and got to experience part of the attraction first hand. I don't want to give too much away, but I did make it to the "producer" where I sang and was booked for the show (theoretically speaking). It's nice to know I have a decent voice, but sad I'll never actually get to take part in the new attraction. This was a nice taste, though.

On Sunday, I managed to FINALLY make it back to Boat Dock to hang with my good friend Tigger for the day. It was nice being back in that role for a bit, really enjoyed it.

Now, for the "and then some"... on Monday I randomly picked up a Star Tours shift. Yes, this was the attraction I used to manage and yes, it was a little weird working alongside my former Cast. Nonetheless, it was a good time. We were REALLY busy and things kept happening that helped the day fly by. Although I was there for eight hours, I never got to actually fly a Sim - what I had been looking forward to. Guess that's just they way it happens sometimes.

After I left Star Tours, I ended up picking up a perm greeter shift in Tomorrowland Ops where, for six hours, I greeted at Stitch and TTA, as well as flung a bunch of strollers around, and met a few really great families. It was good to put a name tag back on in the Magic Kingdom.

To top everything off, yesterday I got to step back through the wardrobe into Narnia, where I haven't worked since early September. I was with Riley, which was great. Had a few amazing families that reminded me just how much I love doing what I do, as well as an INSANELY angry Asian man and some guy who said he had a bigger "sword" than me... idiot.

It's just been an awesome past few days at work. Off to lunch now with Alex, perhaps I'll even pick up a shift later tonight.

Here's to the last day of 2008!


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