What to wear when it's cold out

First of all, I know it's been forever. I know. Please don't hate me. Please. There's been so much going on that I need to blog about, but with all that going on I haven't had a lot of time to do so. I PROMISE I'll catch up when I'm home.

Wait, what is that I just said? Yes, "home." Why, you ask? Well, it's because I'm... in... COLORADO! My 5th vacation of the year! Crazy, right?

Anyway, much to catch up on. But right now, we're in Denver for something called "Tuba Christmas". It's an outdoor music concert with a band made up of 150 tubas. Fun!

It's kinda cold outside (like 5 degrees, feels like -6) and I'm rather bundled up, so I thought I'd share some tips for what you should wear when it's THIS cold out. Mind you, this post is really for my warm-weather friends who don't really know what they're doing while in this kind of weather, but still. I'm sure everyone can find some benefit from this.

My recipe for keeping warm (from top to bottom):

Head (2 items)

Top (5 layers)
Thermal long-sleeve henley
Long-sleeve shirt
Wool sweater
Ski jacket

Bottom (4 layers)
Regular underwear
Long underwear
Ski pants

Feet (2 items)
Wool socks

Other (2 items)

Well, at least that's what I'm wearing right now. All the clothing IS doing it's job and I'm quite warm. The wind is killer, but manageable. Mind you, not everyone around me is wearing the exact same thing, but they're natives - they have an excuse.

Despite the crazy cold temps, this is good prep for me as my aunt and I are visiting Breckenridge tomorrow where I'm going to learn to ski for the first time in my life. Exciting! Inviting? Yes. Let's do it then! (sorry, just felt like throwing that in)

Well, show's over and we're off again. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, hope I don't break anything! =P

Updated 12/19: added picture


Miranda said...

Thanks for the advice - I need it because I'm freezing! That sounds bulky, though! Have fun skiing!

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