Fun Hair Cuttery BGM!

I'm not able to get a haircut with my usual person today, so I decided to just walk in to the salon and take the first available spot.

To preface, this post isn't really about the haircut at all, but rather the music that's playing in the background. It was just regular holiday music when I walked in, but soon transitioned to some kind of nursery rhyme. One of the stylists spoke up to her co-workers, explaining that it was a track that she plays for her kids to listen to, as I think the music was coming from her iPod.

As soon as that track finished, it transitioned to some youngsters singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children", followed by a joyous rendition of "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart", and then "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". Now, it's playing some random Caribbean rhythm.

Jay, my normal stylist, even made sure to mention aloud, "we play only the finest music in our salon!" He sure had that one right.

I just love fun, random music.


Miranda said...

I love fun music, too, and there is some kids' music that I still enjoy - like and Go Fish!

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