As Seen On TV

When I first saw these two products for sale on television, I was so overwhelmed by "WTF? Syndrome" (yes, I just coined that term myself... just now) that I feel I MUST share them with you.

This product is designed to easily, safely, and comfortably trim your pet's nails, right at home! Great idea, right?

Wrong. If I tried to use this thing on MY cat, here's how she'd react...


Okay, if the product's name itself doesn't make you wonder, then nothing will. It's a blanket... with sleeves... that you wear... around your home... or, in public... if you're crazy enough.

I will give it something, though. It sells 2 for $19.95, whereas it's competitor, "The Slanket",  sells for $44.95 each. (and now "Snuggie" isn't sounding all that bad... because nothing says "buy me!" more than a slutty blanket)

Tell all your friends to buy one... today!

I know this is The Slanket, but it's the best picture I could get.

And, although I didn't see this one on TV because it's a Japanese product, don't even get me started on it:


Good thing our economy's not in trouble and we all have plenty of money to spend on items such as these... and Oxi Clean.


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