Wisconsin Trip Report

Well, my trip to Wisconsin is over and I'm back home. But, aren't you just dying to hear about a few of the things that happened?
Thought so.

This place was just SO BEAUTIFUL!

Maybe it was just the cold temperatures trying to confuse me, but I really liked the place. Mind you, I don't consider myself a "big city boy" and don't think I'll be living in one anytime soon. However, I did have a lot of fun up there.

Time for a list? YOU BET!

Some things that I did for the first time:
  • Kicked a pile of colorful leaves into the air (so much fun)
  • Ate at "Cousin's Subs" (which is a northern thing, and extremely good)
  • Walked over a mile home after being out late (through an "interesting" neighborhood) (oh, and sorry that there's not an accompanying picture, as I decided not to bring the camera to "La Cage" - Google it)

Some things that I saw for the first time:

  • A Great Lake (Lake Michigan, to be exact)
  • All the leaves changing on the trees (viewed from 10 floors up)
  • A draw bridge in the middle of a city (that's just so wierd to me)

Of course, I went all the way up there and couldn't forget to partake in some authentic Wisconsin cheese, too! Corey took me to Wisconsin Cheese Mart... and I spent $51.00. But it's ok, as that cheese was good!

Also, we visited the lake on Saturday, which was this stupid Hallmark holiday called "Sweetest Day". Honestly, I'd barely even heard about it before, but that's probably because it's mostly celebrated in the Midwestern United States (according to theromantic.com). Although it's not specifically designed to celebrate love and romance, to me, it's just another day for single people to feel extremely bad that they don't have anyone and contemplate suicide. (well, maybe not to such an extreme)

Anywho, there were probably over a dozen weddings happening in and around the area, all at the same time! (seen below are probably three completely different parties) Crazy, huh?

And, just because it's funny, I thought I'd mention that the name of the road the aforementioned Cousin's Subs was on was "Kinnickkinnic Ave", pronounced "kha-NICK-kna-NICK" - tee hee.

Well, that's pretty much my entire trip in a nutshell! I'm going to be posting all my pictures soon, and will put up a link when I get the chance.

Thank you, Corey, for having and putting up with me for four days and Kelly, it was so nice to see you again. I'm sorry that we didn't make any babies. Next time, I promise. ;)


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