I should probably rename this blog...

... to "Late Sunday Nights", as recently, that seems to be the only time I'm finding to blog. Hopefully I'll get out of this habit soon.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this weekend has been, eh, alright. Work was fine, I got to drive a drum for the first time (it's one where there's a guy standing over me playing electric drums to the parade soundtrack), which was pretty cool, and schedules dropped early to reveal that I am scheduled a full 8 HOURS for the first time in FOREVER in two weeks! It makes up for my Friday off that week, so it's still gonna be the same pay. But still, it's the principle of the thing!

Randall and Amy have been visiting from Utah this past week. I've had the chance to hang out with them a bit and that was a lot of fun! Nice having a couple of "fresh faces" down in these parts. Their energy and excitement sure did help raise my spirits. Really great seeing Randall again and hopefully he'll be back down during Christmas.

Hamburger Mary's is amazing. Enough said. I will be going at least three times a month from here on out. You should go, too.

Did I ever mention that I absolutely DESPISE group projects? I mean, who honestly loves them? Group members' schedules never work out, everyone can't decide what they want to do or how they want to do it, and I have NEVER felt extremely confident in the finished product. I have one due on Wednesday that still isn't done and then an extremely long group paper due the Monday I come back from my vacation! Damn it.

Speaking of vacation, I'M GOING TO WISCONSIN ON THURSDAY!!! HOORAY!!! =D I'm SUPER EXCITED... can't wait. (CAPS usually means yelling loudly, which is what I'm doing, in my head, since my roommate's asleep... oh, you get the idea) Probably going to freeze my butt off, in the chilly 50 degree weather (I know, it's not THAT cold, but still. I'm a Floridian. Work with me.), but it will definitely be worth it. Happy to see Corey and Ryan again, as well as a state that I barely know anything about. I will be bringing some cheese home, though, so just you wait!

Well, that's pretty much been my week. Perhaps I'll work on posting at least two times in seven days, so each of these "Sunday night rants" won't be so long.

Now, off to bed... class in 5 hours. Ugh.


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