Hey, look at this!

I'm blogging on a Tuesday morning! See? Told you I could break away from Sunday evenings.

Anywho, I'm sitting next to Java City in the Library on Main Campus, listening to the amazing Josh Groban. I am also experiencing a little bit of deja vu, as I can specifically recall sitting at this exact same table on an afternoon in Spring 2007, listening to the exact same music, and feeling the exact same way: defeated, yet optimistic; relaxed, yet productive. A somewhat enjoyable feeling. My current facebook status even reflects what I had posted back then! I'm such a nerd.

Spring 2007 was a really rough semester for me, as I was still trying to gain confidence in my relationships with other people who are "like me" (although that crashed and burned pretty hard) and attempting to recover my rapidly-dropping GPA. Let's just say that I have made some pretty long strides in both those departments in a year and a half, although, it feels like it's coming back again.

True, I'm not in the exact same situation, but still. I'm not failing any classes this time around (even though I feel like I'm going to) and my heart hasn't been trampled on THAT badly. Still not doing amazing, but managing. I'm getting a lot of work done now that the deadline is here (as usual) and I've started taking a different view on my relationships: remain as myopic as possible and you'll never be disappointed! Ok, it's really not that bad, but definitely a good guideline. I haven't given up on a relationship entirely, it's just going to take more for me to get attached... which is a good thing. I've learned that some people will lose interest in you fast and not care at all, which is fine. When that happens, you just have to accept it for what it is, move away as quickly as possible, and never turn back - it really hurts otherwise. Deal with it and move on!

Well, I'm gonna go back to being "lost in a February song" and resume editing my movie for one of my hospitality classes. Strange combination, I know, but I'm really hoping to do well on this presentation.

... and my laptop battery just froze up and sent my computer into sleep with out warning. Huh.

... and there's this guy sitting two tables away from me that I've seen on campus a few times this semester and I SWEAR that I know him from somewhere... but it kills me because I can't remember at all. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Oh, and two days until Wisconsin!     Laters.


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