Guess what...


Not gonna lie, it's pretty darn cold. However, the weather is quite refreshing and the vistas are incredible.

I'm sitting in Corey's apartment right now, looking onto the city from his 10th floor apartment. The Sun has just gone down and the lights are coming on - I really get a great feeling up here. Although I haven't been to many places yet, I'm already feeling comfortable. Can't wait to see more.

We just left the Milwaukee School of Engineering's (MSOE) Student Center (yep, that's it on the left), where I got to feel like an engineer for a little bit, and discovered that Corey's computer has an SD Card slot - so, don't ya know I took advantage of it to show you some of my journeys thusfar! I waited there while he had class and finished some work. But I didn't just wait... I had a certain someone to keep me company for a bit. Who was this mystery person, you ask? Well, let's just say she's amazing and incredible and going to have my babies... it was KELLY COSTELLO! For those of you who have no idea who she is, her and I worked at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster ages ago. We're tight. Anyway, her and I caught up for a bit and hopefully, we'll be able to spend some more time together while I'm here.

What else is up? It's cold. But I think I already mentioned that one.

Oh, almost forgot! Have I ever mentioned that I am in LOVE with innovative transportation devices? Ya know, like Segways, the WEDway PeopleMover, and this thing:

They call it the "Express Tram" and, although not extremely amazing (technology wise), the way that Northwest Airlines has implemented it in their brand new Detroit airport terminal is pretty darn cool. Basically, their terminal is one, long building with 78 gates from end-to-end, with moving sidewalks scattered about. However, even with the moving sidewalks, it would take quite a while to get from one end to the other. So, they have this little beauty that traveles smoothly and quietly, back and forth, above the heads of thousands of eager travelers every day, between a central station and one on each end. It even has neat display boards scattered about so you know exactly when to board and where the tram is at any time. And, of course, it's fun to ride!

Cool, huh? Yea, I know it is.

Well, sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to share my excitement - expect at least one more before I leave. Now, we're off to some fun out on the town!


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