Fourth trip of the year!

Well, Dad and I are in the car now, on our way to my cousin Jennifer's wedding in North Carolina. We left at 2 this afternoon, hoping to get there by 11 or so. We just crossed into South Carolina, so we're making good time.

This will make my fourth trip this year alone! Five if you count the beach in July, but fourth out of the state. So far, I've been to:

  • Georgia in early August
  • California in mid August
  • Wisconsin earlier this month

And I've still got:

  • This trip to North Carolina
  • Colorado in December

This is the most I've ever traveled in such a short time! It's pretty crazy.

As much as I love looking at all the scenery alongside the road, the Sun has just set, so I'm out of luck for the rest of the trip up. It'll be fun to explore a bit of Charlotte tomorrow, though. Hope I can stay warm!


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