Even though I'm finally getting the hang of this thing...

... I still don't feel that my talents are being used in the right ways. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving Entertainment. It's a lot of fun to actually be in a role that I've always wondered about. But I miss Operations. A lot.

As you can see in the lovely photo to the right, I drive the floats in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (my apologies to the few of you that could actually understand "MJJ at DAK", however, I just want to make sure everyone, if anyone, fully understands)

Anywho, like I was saying, I drive this parade... a lot. Even though I'm part-time, give two full days of availability, and actually have a few more skills than the average Entertainment Performer, I get stuck here. Every weekend. Just for this parade. Nothing before, nothing after. (for those of you doing the math, that's a whopping 8 hours of pay each week) Yes, I understand that it's the slow season, the economy isn't at its best, and Entertainment has been cutting back a bit... but still. I can't even get hours at Coaster, in Merchandise, Foods, or anywhere else I have skills for. Ugh. It sucks.

Getting back to the point of this entry, I had the opportunity to drive the Tiger Rickshaw (seen above) both days this past weekend. Although the Tiger is easier to drive than the Gator, I really think I'm getting a good handle on it. I'll be driving it again on Friday, perhaps even better than before. Which makes me happy.

I love driving floats. Probably because it feels more like Ops than Entertainment. It's a machine - I am in control. Yes, I know, I'm all dressed up like a bird, but still. It's fun. I really want to be able to learn more parades, but that's tough for a part-timer. I've seen interest sheets up for Magic Kingdom specialty parades (i.e. for the Halloween and Christmas parties) and for Super Soap Weekend (where all you're really doing is driving fancy cars down Hollywood Blvd. at the Studios with soap stars sitting on the back - how cool is that?), but, alas, I can't express interest in those without already being a driver in those Parks - which is the hard part.

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to learn some new stuff soon. I've been pondering the idea of getting out of this role as soon as my six months are up (which will be on December 15th, for those of you who are counting), but I don't want MJJ to be the reason. Like I said, I'm just hankering to get back into Ops. But, I have to remember, I came to Entertainment to have fun while I still can and get away from a role I was in for over two years. It would be stupid to go back too soon.

I shouldn't get all "Ops happy" too soon. It's only been four months. Perhaps I'll discover some new talents in this role or even discover ways to use what I do have in a whole new way! Only time will tell, I guess.


Go Diego Go said...

Welcome to my world! I understand how you feel on the Entertainment side all the way! It's one of those things you just hope will happen, but sometimes brown nosing is a good thing in this type of business! You will get your big break it's just a matter of when and how long your willing to wait, my time is done!

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