Allie and I should never be allowed to work at Coaster again.

Let's just say, that after Saturday, October 25th, Allie and I should never be allowed to work at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster again. Why?
  • Every time her and I are there, an e-stop is depressed by someone
  • Guests either get in or out of limos in the wrong places (e.g. Launch, Zone 4)
  • Her and I end up screaming for one reason or another
Although an evening of running down the Launch Tunnel with each other and John S, reaming out a Guest for getting out of the limo in the building, and getting an extra hour of pay for having to stay and help maintenance isn't such a bad thing, it's still quite the story and usually ends us desperately needing a drink.

So, as much fun as it is to work there with each other, it'll never happen again.

See Allie, this is what happens when you have the lock on the Shrine cut off...


Allie said...

AGREED! Funniest moment I have ever had there. So, we're not the best luck together. But I couldn't have survived any of the crazy Signal 25 or guest-out-of-limo shenannigans without you!!

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