First days of fall

September 22nd brought a very exciting day - the first day of fall! Temperatures dropping, leaves falling, children laughing...

... well, perhaps not so much in Florida. And I'm not even sure what I was going for with that whole "children laughing" statement. Guess I just needed a filler. I mean, we do have laughing children, but... oh, just forget it.

Anyway, the start of fall. (I'm kinda excited) Actually, the temperatures HAVE begun to drop a little, we've been getting some rain, and the breeze has picked up over the past few days. We're even looking ahead to lows in the upper 60s in the mornings this week! Woo hoo!

Now, hold on a second, don't start the "oh, I just hate Florida because the leaves don't change colors and fall to the ground like they do elsewhere in the country" dialogue. I hate that. True, you may not find any parking lots in the state resembling the above image, but I'm fine with that. It is a beautiful sight, but if you want to see it, go up north. I'll stick with my mild temperatures and the "not-having-to-rake-the-leaves-out-of-the-driveway" frame of mind. I know that our transition into winter isn't the smoothest of all, but still. It works for us.

Fall also brings with it the thought of the next major holiday season, winter and Christmas - my favorite time of year! However, it's not looking too good for me as we draw closer to that perfect time for giving gifts, drinking hot cocoa, having dinner with friends and family, and spending some extra time with those you care for and care for you.

Mind you, I am blessed to have a lot of friends and family that I admire and love. The bump in the road just happens to come when the topic of "romance" is brought up. Not to get all negative Nancy with this post, but I'm just now looking back on my almost disastrous December 2007:
  • A certain "special someone" broke up with me, after our second attempt at a steady relationship
  • I turned around from that and "stole" the guy he was crushing on, for some haphazard fun that never become anything but that (even though I put a lot of heart into it all)
  • Rebounded off both of them and broke another heart
...  from which I ended up feeling like crap.

Since all of that, it sure has been one whirlwind after another as I made my way into 2008 - the year that I resolved to "better myself overall", which included being "careful with relationships".

Yea, right.

I don't want to go on and on forever, but here's a summary of where I stand now:
  • Feeling pretty inadequate from another failed relationship and a couple mindless crushes
  • Falling for someone I barely know, six states away
  • Not knowing what to feel about someone else who has come into my life very recently
One of my good friends probably says it right when he tells me, "you simply don't know what you want" and advises me to "just be alone for a while, make a move when the time is right."

Maybe he's telling the truth, but I don't want the time to be right... I want the time to be NOW! I want that special someone with whom I can share happy conversation. I want that special someone with whom I can hold hands. I want that special someone that I can pamper, and treat, and love. I want that special someone that I can look at and simply think, "wow - how lucky am I?"
Perhaps I'm just impatient, but, I'll tell you one thing... I don't want to be alone.

Keep your fingers crossed for December 2008. As long as the mercury in the thermometer keeps dropping (or the galinstan, or whatever we're all using now), I'm gonna keep searching, thinking, praying, and hoping that everything will "fall" into place.


How come every time I actually find motivation to do work I always get distracted?

The Internet.

Today's lesson...
Don't use the Internet.

Well, crap. No Internet = No Blog. That will never work.

Back to being distracted...

Ugh - with a little rhythm

I was tired.

I was a bit sick.

I stayed out waaaaaaaaay too late.

I was awake even later talking with a friend. (Which was fun.)

I got no sleep.

I barely woke up.

I called in sick to work.

I probably destroyed the hopes and dreams of a good 500 children and their families. (Maybe an exaggeration.)

Never do that.

Won't do it again.

I hate being "THAT Cast Member."

That is all.

PI is closing. Sad day.

Yep, it's true. If you didn't already know (which is doubtful), next Saturday, September 27, 2008, all six clubs on Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney will be closing.

Sad day.

Mind you, I'm not one of those "PI-aholics', but still. The Island has been a part of my life for almost a year now and has also been around for as long as I can remember. It has changed a lot since I first saw it, but still features fun, excitement, humor, and adventure every night.

It's closing comes after an announcement from Downtown Disney Vice President, Kevin Lansberry, in June. The overhaul will be bringing in new shops and restaurants, all designed to target a more "family-friendly" audience.

I do understand some of the reasons behind the changes and am actually sort of excited. The new T-Rex restaurant does look pretty cool! We have to remember that change is always hard, but without it, nothing new could ever come into being.

True, I will dearly miss Mannequins, The Adventurers Club, and Comedy Warehouse (the three clubs that I frequent most often), but at least I will always have my memories of them - guess that's what's important. It would be great if The Adventurers Club and Comedy Warehouse stayed on the Island, as they would probably still fit into the new atmosphere that is being created. But, it doesn't look like that will be happening.

So, off I go for another fun evening on the Island... PI, you will be missed.

A few items of note from this week

Wow, it sure has been a busy week! Here are a few happenings of note...

1) "High School Musical 2: School's Out!" had its final performance at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Saturday. It was a great show with some pretty awesome performers. Not quite sure why, but that show sure meant a lot to me. I'll miss seeing it every day that I'm there. Not to worry, though, as "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" will be here on October 24th! Expect a blog about it soon.

2) I wrote my first paper of the fall semester! True, it may not seem like a lot, however, if you knew about me and school papers, it's a big deal. From the two required pages it became five - I'm pretty happy with it.

3) I bought a plane ticket to Wisconsin! I'll be traveling to the land of cheese from October 16th through the 19th to visit a couple of friends in their home state. I'm a little bit nervous, as I've never flown all by myself before. However, the trip will definitely be worth it, as I am really excited to see a state I've never been to before.

4) First, watch this video of a limotrain launching at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios...

Crazy awesome, huh? Well, now image that 60-mile-an-hour, "armed and dangerous" limo, launching within feet of 24 helpless Park Guests... no, not with 24 Guests riding INSIDE the limo, but actually standing ALONGSIDE it!

Yea, well it happened, did so with a manager's approval, and not ONE Cast Member in the area stopped it. Mind you, every Cast Member at that attraction is trained to press the Emergency Stop button if even ONE Guest somehow ends up in that restricted area. But, alas, 24 of them were standing there, with a 5-person "wall" created of Cast Members standing in front of them, not safe from the danger of being flung down that tunnel.

It probably will be the topic of discussion for quite some time and laughed about even more than the day that bats came to visit us inside of the building. Good times.

5) Finally, I'll be getting my passport tomorrow, even though I have decided against studying abroad in the spring. I still hope to do it before I graduate, though.

Alright, well, that's about all I have for now. After staying up way too late to finish my paper and jumping on here to blog about it, I am now going to be getting a mere three hours of sleep... typical.

Really? It's Rosen. C'mon.

Ok, so I left the Rosen College of Hospitality Management Universal Orlando Foundation Library (had to throw in the whole title for dramatic effect) around 5 this afternoon and was walking back to my room when some guy pulled up and asked, "hey man, are you leavin'?"

Mind you, it was 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and the Rosen College Campus has a MILLON parking spaces after 3 or so. Now, I could understand if this was Main Campus, as stalking folks back to their cars and asking the above question is quite a common occurrence. But really... at Rosen... at 5 PM? C'mon.

There were at least a hundred parking spaces within my sight from the curb. I guess he just didn't wanna walk, or something.

That's all I have.

Just so you're not completely lost, here's a re-cap of what has been going on

I'm Matthew... hi!

That intro was funnier in my head. Anywho, it's been a while, but let's try and stay ahead of the game by using bullet points!

Work and Related
  • Seem to be somewhat stuck at DAK. It's ok, though, as I like driving floats.
  • My Jeep died on the parade route on Saturday. That always sucks.
  • I'm suddenly able to start hanging out with my princely friend again! Finally.
  • Really gonna miss PI...
  • Glad that I have recently been able to catch up with a few long lost ones.
  • I'm sooooooo proud of Tiffany! She knows this.
  • Wish I could manage to see more of them more often.
  • Recently made a few new ones!
  • Jimmy and Brendon, we must plan a date to CFA soon... I have a Gift Card now!
  • Hee hee hee... as of posting, I am right on the line of falling behind.
  • I CAN do it, just have to set my mind to it!
  • Wanna stay, yet honestly, really wanna get out.
  • Hope to get everything organized soon!
  • I really want to study abroad. Really, I do. In Austria. It would be amazing.
Relationships (the romantic kind - duh)
  • You've got to be kidding me! I'm over it, but when am I not?
  • Why can't it just work?
  • Where am I even supposed to go from here?
  • Don't make me get desperate... again.
  • Random friend requests always are a cause for disaster! Remember this!
What I should be doing right now
  • Sleeping.

Got it? Good. If ya don't, well that's you're problem 'cause you're... eh... you? I guess? That line doesn't work as well in this context as the first one did. Oh,well. Goodnight.