The waiting game

Well, here I am, sitting at Gate E 75 at Tampa International Airport with my Mom, waiting for our flight to California, connecting through Denver.

We're scheduled to depart at 5:47 PM and the plane just arrived at the gate, so it looks like we'll be departing on time, unless a diabetic or a couple of Germans run up at the last second.

I'm not being mean... it happened to the last flight out of this gate. A young guy ran up at the last second, complained that he was a diabetic, and needed 5 minutes to get a snack. The gate lady said, "you've got two minutes to go to the place right here on the corner."

Really? If you're diabetic, wouldn't you have planned ahead? Or, at least arrived 5 extra minutes early? I know, I know, I'm not one to be punctual, either, but really, don't hold up the 157 other people on the flight.

Also, they made the final boarding call, sealed the door, and this German couple came walking up... five minutes before the flight was supposed to depart. They were trying to board with the little English they knew. I kinda felt bad for them when the gate lady started questioning them, "where were you? What were you doing? The flight's gone!" Sufficed to say, they didn't get on the flight, but they used their language phone line to get a new flight.

Yes! The TSA person just confiscated an unattended bag! She's calling the police!

Damn. The old lady just came back.

Well, looks like it's now our turn to board. California, here we come! WOO HOO! CAN'T WAIT!


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