Lazy Saturday

Well, here I am. It's Saturday evening and another day has been wasted. (No, that's not me in the picture, I just needed a quick pic from Google Images to add some "spice" to a rather boring post. Deal with it.)

I HATE wasting days. Yes, a relaxing day from time to time is nice, but that's not what I wanted to do today. According to The World Bank, the average human being on this planet has a lifespan of a mere 24,149 days. I've been alive on Earth for 7,869 days, so that means I only have 16,280 to go. Damn.
What did I do today? Well, I finished work around 2:00 this morning, then helped Justin move out of Rosen as soon as I got home, fell asleep on his couch until 8, went back to my apartment, slept until 4 this afternoon, woke up and did laundry, and spent way too much time on facebook (not like I don't do that all the time, anyhow).

I had all these wonderful plans of going to Universal, or rollerblading, or running, or hanging out with friends... but those certainly never came to fruition.

I leave for Georgia in the morning with Chase for a little four-day escape. So, at least I'm certain I'll be keeping myself busy for day 7,870, 7,871, 7,872, and 7,873... thank God.

I think I'm gonna take a shower and go have a nice little dinner at Elephant Bar Restaurant (which is an INCREDIBLE place, if you've never been), so I won't feel that the day has been entirely wasted. Any takers?


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