En route to an escape...

Well, from a Saturday of doing almost nothing, I'm now on the road to Georgia with Chase, which, hopefully, will be a nice escape from Florida for a few days. Getting away will be good for me, I hope.

We're on I-75 now and I'm using the awesome feature of blogging from my BlackBerry that I mentioned in an earlier post. So, expect a few more while I'm on my trip.

Anyway, we've passed a few things that I thought were humorus and thought I'd mention them:

  1. Two state troopers were along side of the road, on both sides of what they were standing around. They seemed to be investigating the sudden death... of a chef. Well, at least it looked that way. They were standing over what looked like chef's tuque and pointing at it.
    I have no idea what it REALLY was, but I enjoy entertaining the thought of a chef running across the interstate, rushing a big dish to a fancy banquet, getting hit by a car, and being thrown into the semi that hit him in an effort to cover up the manslaughter... whilst leaving his tuque behind.
  2. There was a billboard alongside the road for, I think, 184 acres of land that was for sale. All it said was "184 ACRES - FOR SALE - 3 FAMILY HOMES - 2 OFFICE BUILDINGS", followed by "www.buymyland.com". Since when can you buy large plots of land online? That's a new one on me. I was really interested in purchasing a few acres, however, when I visited the site, I got some kind of error message. I was highly discouraged and now, will never be able to open up my orchard. Sad day.
  3. We passed a car that had a kid in its back seat, playing with a plush tiger. When I first noticed it, though, it serously looked like the small tiger was eating the kid's face. What a way for your parents to get in an accident... "Now, Jimmy, stop playing with the tiger cub, or else he's gonna bite your... OH MY GOD!"

Oh, and speaking of baby animals, check out this site.

There's an adult store called "Love Stuff" in Cordele, GA that is having a store closing sale - everything 75% off! Be sure to swing by for a "touch of class for couples" before this swingin' store disappears forever!

Well, that's all I have for now. We're about to stop for gas in Unadilla and it's my turn to pay - and they have a Dairy Queen! Yes! Alright, later.


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