Almost home

What a trip it has been. Seven non-stop days full of fun and adventure!


Don't get me wrong, I had a great time over at Disneyland. But, let's just say, I haven't done over 13 hours in a theme park in a long, long time... particularly not multiple times within one week. It was definitely a workout. Still, I saw a lot and it was an amazing experience, in spending so much time at both parks, on the Studio Lot, and, of course, in the air...

... which is where I'm writing from right now. Now, before you get all riled up, I turned off my antenna so that I could write this blog on the flight, as I've barely had any time to write one all week. Let's see, it would be about 9:45 PM at home right now, and we're about halfway there. I'll post this the moment we land.

I'd love to go on and on about all the awesome things I got to experience, like getting VIP seating for Fantasmic!, riding alongside the engineer in the train Walt opened Disneyland with, eating at some really nice little restaurants, and getting a Cast discount at Quick Service Restaurants in the Parks... but I'll save you the reading. Feel free to ask anytime and I'll share with you some of my 1,300 pictures. Perhaps I'll post a few here when I get back.

Anywho, just thought I'd mention a couple of little items that have occurred today. While we were in the terminal of John Wayne Airport in California (where our adventure home began), I saw a little coffee shop/deli/snack bar called "Creative Croissants". Now, tell me, have you EVER met a croissant that had an ounce of creativity in it? I certainly haven't. Nonetheless, I wasn't much interested in an encounter of the sort myself, so I forgot to take a picture and ended up buying my 25 oz. bottle of water elsewhere. Remember that water... I'm not finished with it yet.

We landed about an hour later in Las Vegas for a short, 45 minute lay over. Mind you, that was my first time in Vegas since I turned 21, so, OF COURSE, I had to test my luck at the slots... in the airport terminal. I chose "Wheel of Fortune" for my first game, and, after a few rounds, actually ended up making some money... a whopping $0.25! Hot dog!

Of course, the slots are there to suck old ladies with hundreds of thousands to their name and poor college students like myself in on their hope for a better life (I know I left a few gambling demographics out for creative sake - deal), so I played a few more quarters. In the end, I left $1.75 in Vegas, something that I still regret. Argh! I should have stopped while I was ahead! Nah, that wouldn't have been much fun. Maybe I'll make it back the next time I visit The Strip.

Like I said, we're in the air now, and I just finished a lovely little $7 Chicken Caesar Sandwich. It came all neatly packed with a side of caesar dressing, potato chips, and a chocolate chip cookie. I'm sure glad that cookie was there. Why? Well, remember that 25 oz. bottle of water from earlier? Yea, well, I had bought a jumbo chocolate chip cookie from the airport in Vegas to enjoy on the flight and placed it in the same bag as the water's twin brother (if you aren't catching on, I bought another bottle of the same brand and size in Vegas. Got it? Good.). Anyway, after finishing the meal, I reached into my bag to get that big, delicious cookie... and the unopened bottle of water had raped the damn thing! It was broken into over ten pieces! I've never seen a more pitiful thing in my life: a perfectly good chocolate chip cookie, baked fresh and whole with the sole purpose of satisfying a hungry consumer, only to be beaten up, mangled, and destroyed before it could ever live up to its destiny. Such a sad day. =(  (edit: the following image is a RE-ENACTMENT of the previously described affairs - names have been changed pending an investigation)

Wow, that sure was a stretch. Oh, well. Good thing it's still edible. Otherwise, we'd have a much bigger problem on our hands.

Well, I think I'll get back to enjoying the flight by cracking open my new copy of Details, sipping on the murderous bottle of H2O, and perhaps even taking a nibble of that near-dead cookie.

Tomorrow is going to bring quite a lot, from the funeral for my kindergarten teacher, to saying goodbye to a couple of friends as they head back to Wisconsin. Should be a busy day.

Nonetheless, it'll sure be nice to be back home.


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