Almost home

Well, we're now on the Florida Turnpike after a couple of fun days up in Georgia. I saw lots of cool things in and around Atlanta, from Chase's favorite bar, to Six Flags, even a gay strip club (really - my first!), and had a great time. I even got really drunk at Doc's (Chase's bar) and made a few phone calls to some people I hadn't talked to in quite a while. =P

That was fun.

It was definitely nice being out of the state, away from the everyday, and spending some time with Chase, his family, and friends. Gave me a good escape that helped prime me for my 7-day trip to California that begins Friday evening.

Speaking of the one day I have back in town between my two vacations, I'll probably be saying goodbye to a couple of good friends then, as they'll be moving back home before I get back from Cali. I've gotten used to doing that, as most local WDW Cast Members have. Even though doing so has become such a common occurrence, it always sucks... especially when you grow close to them. Oh, well. I'll survive.

Anyway, it looks like we're now just a few miles away from Orlando - almost home! We were gonna stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way up to Georgia, but it was a Sunday afternoon, after church let out, and the line was WAY TOO LONG! But now it's a Wednesday night and there shouldn't be one... so that's where we're going for dinner. Yum.

Well, that's all I have for now! Despite the fun, it'll sure be nice being home.


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