Welcome to my World!

Some may find the need to ask, "why 'One down... too many to go...'?"
The answer is simple. Every day that I post a blog is just one more day in my life that has occurred... and there are so many more to come... sometimes, too many.

Found yourself interested in asking more, eh? I just knew you would.

"Why have you decided to start blogging?"
Again, that's an easy one. I've decided that life is just too short to keep everything all "bottled up" inside. Life is quite a serous thing. It's also a pretty darn funny thing, as well. Why not share it?

It also gives me another excuse to procrastinate by putting off other, more important things. Therefore, expect a few "what I REALLY should be doing right now" blogs... and share in my agony.

"Aren't you afraid that certain details of your life will be exposed for the ENTIRE WORLD to see?"
Isn't that the whole point of a blog?

"Do you really think your blog will be an interesting read, inspire many by your profound statements, and end up going down in history?"
Wow, I sure hope so.

"Why is wine sold in a box?"
" 'cause that's where the bag stays... that's a stupid question. Duh."
-Wes Poche

That's all I have for now, kids. Stay tuned... hopefully, this will be fun.


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