What a weekend... and then some

Wow, it sure has been quite the weekend at work! Friday and Saturday were Parade as usual, however, in the mornings I was treated to a couple exciting shifts. I got to be a "play tester" for the brand new American Idol Experience at the Studios - it was so much fun! Basically, myself and about 20 others played the role of normal Guests and got to experience part of the attraction first hand. I don't want to give too much away, but I did make it to the "producer" where I sang and was booked for the show (theoretically speaking). It's nice to know I have a decent voice, but sad I'll never actually get to take part in the new attraction. This was a nice taste, though.

On Sunday, I managed to FINALLY make it back to Boat Dock to hang with my good friend Tigger for the day. It was nice being back in that role for a bit, really enjoyed it.

Now, for the "and then some"... on Monday I randomly picked up a Star Tours shift. Yes, this was the attraction I used to manage and yes, it was a little weird working alongside my former Cast. Nonetheless, it was a good time. We were REALLY busy and things kept happening that helped the day fly by. Although I was there for eight hours, I never got to actually fly a Sim - what I had been looking forward to. Guess that's just they way it happens sometimes.

After I left Star Tours, I ended up picking up a perm greeter shift in Tomorrowland Ops where, for six hours, I greeted at Stitch and TTA, as well as flung a bunch of strollers around, and met a few really great families. It was good to put a name tag back on in the Magic Kingdom.

To top everything off, yesterday I got to step back through the wardrobe into Narnia, where I haven't worked since early September. I was with Riley, which was great. Had a few amazing families that reminded me just how much I love doing what I do, as well as an INSANELY angry Asian man and some guy who said he had a bigger "sword" than me... idiot.

It's just been an awesome past few days at work. Off to lunch now with Alex, perhaps I'll even pick up a shift later tonight.

Here's to the last day of 2008!

Hooray for Christmas!

I had a great Christmas.

For the first Christmas in a long time, I took the WHOLE day off of work (NO! Really? WHAT?!?!?) and spent the first half with my Mom, opening presents under the tree, watching the WDW Christmas Day Parade and eating dinner, and the second half with my Dad, Uncle Jeff, and Grandma, eating MORE dinner. It was awesome.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!

One more thing

I really need to work on reducing the length of my posts. To my loyal followers, I promise I'll try to make them more concise for your reading pleasure.

I'm in debt... and it's scary

"Guess now it's official." (sorry, but random HSM references always help me feel better)

Anyway, I'm in debt. Big time. More than I've ever been in my life. Mind you, I'm not an all-out crazy spender and I'm not so far in over my head that I won't be able to make it out... eventually... but still. Also, I'm fortunate to have my parents who can assist if I REALLY need it, but I don't want to have to ask them for help unless I absolutely can't do it on my own.

I've felt this kind of strain before... it was just a few months into 2006 when I had only $26 of my own to my name... literally. I was driving to McDonald's after work late one night to get a cheeseburger (because I was starving) before beginning my 45 minute drive home and BAM! Right out of nowhere an Orange County Sheriff's officer jumps out, pulling me over for going 57 in a 35... right in front of Downtown Disney. Didn't that hurt.

Yes, I was speeding. Yes, it was late. Yes, I was tired. Yes, I was on the phone. Yes, I thought he pulled me over for blowing through a red light one second after it had changed (thankfully, he missed that one). And yes, I cried. Big time. Right in front of him. I hadn't cried in a while, and it was all because I wasn't paying attention, going too fast on Disney's roads, and got slapped with a $157 ticket. It hurt. Bad. I was so embarrassed. I knew it would take two whole weeks worth of paychecks just to pay that thing off, as this was before I ever had credit extended to me. That was the first time in my life I truly got scared about debt.

Now here I am today: two credit cards with a combined balance of $1,212.41. I only have $203.87 in my accounts, so that works out to $1,008.54 of debt. That's over one thousand dollars. One thousand dollars?!?! Yes. That's a lot of money. Especially for a guy who is still in college, barely gets any hours at work, and absolutely hates asking people for money. It's scary.

I'm really not sure of how I even got here. I did have the car insurance payment this month (which took out a chunk), but the other dollars and cents listed on my bills seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

Christmas will be here soon and, fortunately, I finished my shopping a long time ago. I am expecting a little bit of cash during the holidays, as well as a decent tax return shortly into 2009, but I don't think it's gonna be enough. I may have to pay interest on my credit card for the first time ever. Many may say, "no big deal", but interest on a credit card is simply a company's way of penalizing you for being dumb enough to allow yourself to rack up that much debt and not live within your means. Sorry if I offend, but that's just how I feel.

Being sick these past three days hasn't helped much, either, as I've missed out on a good $200 at work I could have made, had I been able to go into work. Stupid two-in-a-row face shifts.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Hopefully, I'll find a way out of this hole soon enough. Perhaps I should buy a dry erase board to keep track of my finances? Nah, that would cost too much.

Well, I'm off for some window-shopping, as that's about all I can afford to do right now. Ugh.

Fun Hair Cuttery BGM!

I'm not able to get a haircut with my usual person today, so I decided to just walk in to the salon and take the first available spot.

To preface, this post isn't really about the haircut at all, but rather the music that's playing in the background. It was just regular holiday music when I walked in, but soon transitioned to some kind of nursery rhyme. One of the stylists spoke up to her co-workers, explaining that it was a track that she plays for her kids to listen to, as I think the music was coming from her iPod.

As soon as that track finished, it transitioned to some youngsters singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children", followed by a joyous rendition of "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart", and then "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". Now, it's playing some random Caribbean rhythm.

Jay, my normal stylist, even made sure to mention aloud, "we play only the finest music in our salon!" He sure had that one right.

I just love fun, random music.

Another blog from the air

My, how I love doing this! Don't know why, but blogging on my BlackBerry whilst flying high above the dark country in an airplane, snacking on M&M's, sipping on a Coke, and listening to Jason Mraz is, strangely, quite comforting and relaxing...

... as is going into an extensive, rather detailed, setup of my current time and place. But that's another matter.

Anyway, yes, I'm flying home solo this evening from my visit to Colorado, returning a day earlier than my Mom to attend a stilt audition at work tomorrow. Full trip report and results of the workshop are forthcoming, but, for now, I just want to share with you an intriguing thought.

Before boarding, I purchased and began to read (gasp!) an interesting little book entitled "Astonish Yourself! 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life" by Roger-Pol Droit. Now, some of you may know that I'm not much of a reader and usually only succumb to such great titles as "Stuff White People Like" and "Diary of a Whimpy Kid"... and this one is no exception to that genre. Although I haven't finished the entire thing, what I have read so far has been rather interesting and thought-provoking.

The book contains simple experiments to attempt to put our seemingly important lives into perspective - to take a look at the world from an angle that you may have never even thought possible. Instructions and summaries of fun little games such as peeling an apple in your head, drinking while urinating, contemplating a dead bird, trying not to think, and dialing the phone at random all litter the pages, as do any tools that might be necessary and the expected time for completion, if any.

But enough about the book. After reading a few pages, it got me thinking about the person sitting next to me. Why? Why not? I began to think about this stranger in a way I don't think I've ever thought about a person I didn't know before. He's a white guy, about my height, mildly attractive, probably just a little older than me, wearing jeans and a casual, long-sleeve button down shirt. He ordered a Jack and Coke and that's about all the factual insight I got into his life.

Did his beverage choice mean he's an alcoholic or was this his first drink? What does he do with his life - student, employee, model, actor, escort? Is he from Orlando? Does he have a significant other? Gay? Straight? Bi? Transgendered? Sterile? Fertile? Does he wax his legs? Is he a Democrat, a Republican, or neither? Are his parents still together? Did he even know his parents? Does he drive a car, truck, SUV? Does he even drive? Does he care about the environment, the planet, or its future? Is he even from this planet?

Ok, the last one probably already answers itself. But... what if it doesn't? That could just open up a whole other box of questions, now couldn't it?

I went on and on like this for as long as my mind could bear and came out of it with the stark realization that I, in fact, know absolutely nothing about this guy. Yes, that fact is what makes him a "stranger", but what if I struck up a conversation with him? The simple act of a discussion between us could inevitably change all of my original thoughts, opinions, and ideas. We might even end up becoming the best of friends.

Despite this, have I spoken with him? No. Do I plan to? Well, not really. If I do, my few minutes of pondering would probably be put to waste, because then the mystery of the unknown would have been shattered forever.

Some may view my thoughts as judgemental. Rather, I like to think of them as my ability to imagine and wonder about the life of just one of the seven billion humans here on Earth.

What to say about all this? Probably the conclusion I've gained is that you should never judge a book by its cover - or its choice of alcoholic beverages. Yes, I did originally pull "Astonish..." off the shelf due to its cover, but I did read a few pages before deciding to buy it.

So, the next time you find yourself sitting next to a stranger for three and a half hours (or whatever length of time it may be), strike up a conversation with them before thinking about anything else, take in a few pages from THEIR book, and discover the wonders of just how they managed to end up sitting there. You might be pleasantly surprised. Have questions? Ask! It's the only way to really find out anything.

Or, of course, you could just let your mind formulate a ton if questions and assumptions about them that you'll never get officially answered... which could put any kind of a future potential relationship with them in jeopardy. Your choice.

That being said, we're now entering our final decent into Orlando, and very soon I'll be back into the reality that, seemingly, I take for granted every day. Perhaps I'll try to make a conscious effort to change that... and you should, too.

What to wear when it's cold out

First of all, I know it's been forever. I know. Please don't hate me. Please. There's been so much going on that I need to blog about, but with all that going on I haven't had a lot of time to do so. I PROMISE I'll catch up when I'm home.

Wait, what is that I just said? Yes, "home." Why, you ask? Well, it's because I'm... in... COLORADO! My 5th vacation of the year! Crazy, right?

Anyway, much to catch up on. But right now, we're in Denver for something called "Tuba Christmas". It's an outdoor music concert with a band made up of 150 tubas. Fun!

It's kinda cold outside (like 5 degrees, feels like -6) and I'm rather bundled up, so I thought I'd share some tips for what you should wear when it's THIS cold out. Mind you, this post is really for my warm-weather friends who don't really know what they're doing while in this kind of weather, but still. I'm sure everyone can find some benefit from this.

My recipe for keeping warm (from top to bottom):

Head (2 items)

Top (5 layers)
Thermal long-sleeve henley
Long-sleeve shirt
Wool sweater
Ski jacket

Bottom (4 layers)
Regular underwear
Long underwear
Ski pants

Feet (2 items)
Wool socks

Other (2 items)

Well, at least that's what I'm wearing right now. All the clothing IS doing it's job and I'm quite warm. The wind is killer, but manageable. Mind you, not everyone around me is wearing the exact same thing, but they're natives - they have an excuse.

Despite the crazy cold temps, this is good prep for me as my aunt and I are visiting Breckenridge tomorrow where I'm going to learn to ski for the first time in my life. Exciting! Inviting? Yes. Let's do it then! (sorry, just felt like throwing that in)

Well, show's over and we're off again. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, hope I don't break anything! =P

Updated 12/19: added picture

I don't think anyone could have said it better

I stumbled upon this tonight. Although I don't watch his show religiously, he has, in my opinion, one of the best television news shows on the air today. Take a look.

Thank you, Keith Olbermann. Thank you.

Election '08 - one for the record books

Well, it's finally over. Election '08 has proven to be the most amazing political race I've seen... and probably ever will be. Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States of America.

I've been glued to the television all night long and, frankly, am extremely excited about where our Country is heading. Change has begun with the first ever black president in the White House and there's no stopping it from here.

Although I am distraught over Florida's passage of Amendment 2 (which is just another way for the bigots of this state to force their ideals on everyone else, in turn making me, among countless others, a second class citizen), I am quite happy that my state has gone democratic for the first time since 1996 and a new political party in Washington, D.C. now has the opportunity to turn this country around.

It's gonna be one hell of a term for Senator, now President-elect, Obama. He's got a lot of work ahead of him, but I am confident he is the right person for the job.

Barack, you have my vote, my support, my confidence. Godspeed.

I just filled up my tank...

... with 11 gallons of gas for $23.53! Also, I got almost 36 MPG on the last tank!

That makes me smile. =)

As Seen On TV

When I first saw these two products for sale on television, I was so overwhelmed by "WTF? Syndrome" (yes, I just coined that term myself... just now) that I feel I MUST share them with you.

This product is designed to easily, safely, and comfortably trim your pet's nails, right at home! Great idea, right?

Wrong. If I tried to use this thing on MY cat, here's how she'd react...


Okay, if the product's name itself doesn't make you wonder, then nothing will. It's a blanket... with sleeves... that you wear... around your home... or, in public... if you're crazy enough.

I will give it something, though. It sells 2 for $19.95, whereas it's competitor, "The Slanket",  sells for $44.95 each. (and now "Snuggie" isn't sounding all that bad... because nothing says "buy me!" more than a slutty blanket)

Tell all your friends to buy one... today!

I know this is The Slanket, but it's the best picture I could get.

And, although I didn't see this one on TV because it's a Japanese product, don't even get me started on it:


Good thing our economy's not in trouble and we all have plenty of money to spend on items such as these... and Oxi Clean.

Charlotte... was... incredible!

The drive was good. The scenery was beautiful. The city was exciting. The club was... interesting. The wedding was a lot of fun.

Charlotte was incredible!

If I ever had to live anywhere but Orlando, Charlotte, NC would probably be the place.

Fourth trip of the year!

Well, Dad and I are in the car now, on our way to my cousin Jennifer's wedding in North Carolina. We left at 2 this afternoon, hoping to get there by 11 or so. We just crossed into South Carolina, so we're making good time.

This will make my fourth trip this year alone! Five if you count the beach in July, but fourth out of the state. So far, I've been to:

  • Georgia in early August
  • California in mid August
  • Wisconsin earlier this month

And I've still got:

  • This trip to North Carolina
  • Colorado in December

This is the most I've ever traveled in such a short time! It's pretty crazy.

As much as I love looking at all the scenery alongside the road, the Sun has just set, so I'm out of luck for the rest of the trip up. It'll be fun to explore a bit of Charlotte tomorrow, though. Hope I can stay warm!

Allie and I should never be allowed to work at Coaster again.

Let's just say, that after Saturday, October 25th, Allie and I should never be allowed to work at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster again. Why?
  • Every time her and I are there, an e-stop is depressed by someone
  • Guests either get in or out of limos in the wrong places (e.g. Launch, Zone 4)
  • Her and I end up screaming for one reason or another
Although an evening of running down the Launch Tunnel with each other and John S, reaming out a Guest for getting out of the limo in the building, and getting an extra hour of pay for having to stay and help maintenance isn't such a bad thing, it's still quite the story and usually ends us desperately needing a drink.

So, as much fun as it is to work there with each other, it'll never happen again.

See Allie, this is what happens when you have the lock on the Shrine cut off...

Pictures from Wisconsin, as promised

Here are the links to those pictures from my trip to Wisconsin, as promised in an earlier post.

Hope you like them!

Kristin Chenoweth is AMAZING!

For the few of you who may not have already seen this little number by Kristin Chenoweth (of 'Wicked' fame on Broadway, among many others, if you didn't know), you've gotta check it out. Corey showed me this for the first time while I was up in Wisconsin this past weekend.

Here she is performing her take on "Taylor, the Latte Boy" on CBS' "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson."

Amazing, huh? I love it.

Wisconsin Trip Report

Well, my trip to Wisconsin is over and I'm back home. But, aren't you just dying to hear about a few of the things that happened?
Thought so.

This place was just SO BEAUTIFUL!

Maybe it was just the cold temperatures trying to confuse me, but I really liked the place. Mind you, I don't consider myself a "big city boy" and don't think I'll be living in one anytime soon. However, I did have a lot of fun up there.

Time for a list? YOU BET!

Some things that I did for the first time:
  • Kicked a pile of colorful leaves into the air (so much fun)
  • Ate at "Cousin's Subs" (which is a northern thing, and extremely good)
  • Walked over a mile home after being out late (through an "interesting" neighborhood) (oh, and sorry that there's not an accompanying picture, as I decided not to bring the camera to "La Cage" - Google it)

Some things that I saw for the first time:

  • A Great Lake (Lake Michigan, to be exact)
  • All the leaves changing on the trees (viewed from 10 floors up)
  • A draw bridge in the middle of a city (that's just so wierd to me)

Of course, I went all the way up there and couldn't forget to partake in some authentic Wisconsin cheese, too! Corey took me to Wisconsin Cheese Mart... and I spent $51.00. But it's ok, as that cheese was good!

Also, we visited the lake on Saturday, which was this stupid Hallmark holiday called "Sweetest Day". Honestly, I'd barely even heard about it before, but that's probably because it's mostly celebrated in the Midwestern United States (according to theromantic.com). Although it's not specifically designed to celebrate love and romance, to me, it's just another day for single people to feel extremely bad that they don't have anyone and contemplate suicide. (well, maybe not to such an extreme)

Anywho, there were probably over a dozen weddings happening in and around the area, all at the same time! (seen below are probably three completely different parties) Crazy, huh?

And, just because it's funny, I thought I'd mention that the name of the road the aforementioned Cousin's Subs was on was "Kinnickkinnic Ave", pronounced "kha-NICK-kna-NICK" - tee hee.

Well, that's pretty much my entire trip in a nutshell! I'm going to be posting all my pictures soon, and will put up a link when I get the chance.

Thank you, Corey, for having and putting up with me for four days and Kelly, it was so nice to see you again. I'm sorry that we didn't make any babies. Next time, I promise. ;)

Back to where I belong

Well, it sure has been quite the trip, to say the least. I'm sitting outside my gate here in the Milwaukee Airport, waiting for my flight. I've got a quick layover in Memphis, just enough time to deplane, go to the bathroom, and get right back on. That's good, as I'm certain that the terminal will be blairing country music - which would NOT make me happy.

I actually drafted another blog that I was gonna post before leaving, but ran out of time. So, you'll just have to wait until I get back for the trip recap!

But, just to give you a little something to tide you over, I got to experience a whole lot of cool things, met some neat people, finally understood what it's like to live in the city (which I'll NEVER do), and put my hand in Lake Michigan. I also might have screwed up a friendship that probably wasn't even anything substantial in the first place... but that's for another post.

I've got a lot of cool pictures to share when I get home, so keep an eye out for them!

Now, time to board my... holy crap, it's a puddle-jumper. Although it's really cool looking and technologically advanced... it's tiny. Really tiny. Ugh.

Well, that's all I've got for now! I had so much fun, but I'm glad to be on my way home, back to where I belong.


This is the stupidest thing ever. Bry tiped me off on his blog, Be With Myself In Center, about this lovely item that will be on California's November Ballot. (and thanks for the image, Bry!)

Here's my favorite ballot argument from their web site:

"Proposition 8 protects marriage as an essential institution of society. While death, divorce, or other circumstances may prevent the ideal, the best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father."

Really? The best situation? C'mon. Who, anywhere, has the right to say that it's the "best"? Just because it's been the social norm for generations doesn't make it the best. It may sound elementary, but seriously. Think about it for a minute.

Now, mind you, they do have an argument, I'm not disputing that...

... but you can argune anything. Haven't you been watching the presidential debates this year?

They then go onto argue on "fundamentals", how teachers will be required to teach gay marriage as the same thing as straight marriage, how it "protects our children", "and [that it] prevents other consequences to Californians who will be forced to not just be tolerant of gay lifestyles, but face mandatory compliance regardless of their personal beliefs."

Well, what about MY personal beliefs as a gay person? Good thing that we're taking care of straight people's personal beliefs over mine, because that's not homophobic, at all.

Anyway, that's all I have to say on that subject.

Guess what...


Not gonna lie, it's pretty darn cold. However, the weather is quite refreshing and the vistas are incredible.

I'm sitting in Corey's apartment right now, looking onto the city from his 10th floor apartment. The Sun has just gone down and the lights are coming on - I really get a great feeling up here. Although I haven't been to many places yet, I'm already feeling comfortable. Can't wait to see more.

We just left the Milwaukee School of Engineering's (MSOE) Student Center (yep, that's it on the left), where I got to feel like an engineer for a little bit, and discovered that Corey's computer has an SD Card slot - so, don't ya know I took advantage of it to show you some of my journeys thusfar! I waited there while he had class and finished some work. But I didn't just wait... I had a certain someone to keep me company for a bit. Who was this mystery person, you ask? Well, let's just say she's amazing and incredible and going to have my babies... it was KELLY COSTELLO! For those of you who have no idea who she is, her and I worked at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster ages ago. We're tight. Anyway, her and I caught up for a bit and hopefully, we'll be able to spend some more time together while I'm here.

What else is up? It's cold. But I think I already mentioned that one.

Oh, almost forgot! Have I ever mentioned that I am in LOVE with innovative transportation devices? Ya know, like Segways, the WEDway PeopleMover, and this thing:

They call it the "Express Tram" and, although not extremely amazing (technology wise), the way that Northwest Airlines has implemented it in their brand new Detroit airport terminal is pretty darn cool. Basically, their terminal is one, long building with 78 gates from end-to-end, with moving sidewalks scattered about. However, even with the moving sidewalks, it would take quite a while to get from one end to the other. So, they have this little beauty that traveles smoothly and quietly, back and forth, above the heads of thousands of eager travelers every day, between a central station and one on each end. It even has neat display boards scattered about so you know exactly when to board and where the tram is at any time. And, of course, it's fun to ride!

Cool, huh? Yea, I know it is.

Well, sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to share my excitement - expect at least one more before I leave. Now, we're off to some fun out on the town!

Here I go again

Well, it's the early morning hours of October 16th, and what am I doing? (no, not finishing homework - I'm not THAT bad) I'm at Orlando International Airport, waiting for MY FLIGHT TO WISCONSIN! WOO HOO! =D

From a person who usually travels once or, at most, twice a year, I'm not doing too bad. I've already been to California and Georgia and are still going to make it out to Colorado before the year is up. Four vacations in one year? Pretty cool. I'll admit, I'm just a tad bit nervous, as this is the first time I've ever traveled on my own, let alone in an airplane! Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to it - a much needed escape.

Of course, I got stuck in B terminal this morning which, fortunately, looks like it's getting QUITE the face lift. Doubt it will be finished before I return, but still, it's good. I'll try to post a picture when I get back. (EDIT: Here's that picture I promised, even though I'm not back yet)

Also, on the weekend that I'm intentionally throwing myself into the freezing temperatures (at least for me) of the state best known for its cheese (any requests for presents?), it's going to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL back here. So, for those of you who are staying here at home, have a lovely weekend. I'm not complaining, though, because "beautiful" here means "chilly" up there, and "freezing" down here means CERTAIN DEATH up there. So, I'll deal.

Well, the Sun's coming up over the runway, I've finished my smoothie, and I'm ready to go. Kelly, Corey, and Ryan, I'll see ya soon. Milwaukee, here I come!

Hey, look at this!

I'm blogging on a Tuesday morning! See? Told you I could break away from Sunday evenings.

Anywho, I'm sitting next to Java City in the Library on Main Campus, listening to the amazing Josh Groban. I am also experiencing a little bit of deja vu, as I can specifically recall sitting at this exact same table on an afternoon in Spring 2007, listening to the exact same music, and feeling the exact same way: defeated, yet optimistic; relaxed, yet productive. A somewhat enjoyable feeling. My current facebook status even reflects what I had posted back then! I'm such a nerd.

Spring 2007 was a really rough semester for me, as I was still trying to gain confidence in my relationships with other people who are "like me" (although that crashed and burned pretty hard) and attempting to recover my rapidly-dropping GPA. Let's just say that I have made some pretty long strides in both those departments in a year and a half, although, it feels like it's coming back again.

True, I'm not in the exact same situation, but still. I'm not failing any classes this time around (even though I feel like I'm going to) and my heart hasn't been trampled on THAT badly. Still not doing amazing, but managing. I'm getting a lot of work done now that the deadline is here (as usual) and I've started taking a different view on my relationships: remain as myopic as possible and you'll never be disappointed! Ok, it's really not that bad, but definitely a good guideline. I haven't given up on a relationship entirely, it's just going to take more for me to get attached... which is a good thing. I've learned that some people will lose interest in you fast and not care at all, which is fine. When that happens, you just have to accept it for what it is, move away as quickly as possible, and never turn back - it really hurts otherwise. Deal with it and move on!

Well, I'm gonna go back to being "lost in a February song" and resume editing my movie for one of my hospitality classes. Strange combination, I know, but I'm really hoping to do well on this presentation.

... and my laptop battery just froze up and sent my computer into sleep with out warning. Huh.

... and there's this guy sitting two tables away from me that I've seen on campus a few times this semester and I SWEAR that I know him from somewhere... but it kills me because I can't remember at all. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Oh, and two days until Wisconsin!     Laters.

I should probably rename this blog...

... to "Late Sunday Nights", as recently, that seems to be the only time I'm finding to blog. Hopefully I'll get out of this habit soon.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this weekend has been, eh, alright. Work was fine, I got to drive a drum for the first time (it's one where there's a guy standing over me playing electric drums to the parade soundtrack), which was pretty cool, and schedules dropped early to reveal that I am scheduled a full 8 HOURS for the first time in FOREVER in two weeks! It makes up for my Friday off that week, so it's still gonna be the same pay. But still, it's the principle of the thing!

Randall and Amy have been visiting from Utah this past week. I've had the chance to hang out with them a bit and that was a lot of fun! Nice having a couple of "fresh faces" down in these parts. Their energy and excitement sure did help raise my spirits. Really great seeing Randall again and hopefully he'll be back down during Christmas.

Hamburger Mary's is amazing. Enough said. I will be going at least three times a month from here on out. You should go, too.

Did I ever mention that I absolutely DESPISE group projects? I mean, who honestly loves them? Group members' schedules never work out, everyone can't decide what they want to do or how they want to do it, and I have NEVER felt extremely confident in the finished product. I have one due on Wednesday that still isn't done and then an extremely long group paper due the Monday I come back from my vacation! Damn it.

Speaking of vacation, I'M GOING TO WISCONSIN ON THURSDAY!!! HOORAY!!! =D I'm SUPER EXCITED... can't wait. (CAPS usually means yelling loudly, which is what I'm doing, in my head, since my roommate's asleep... oh, you get the idea) Probably going to freeze my butt off, in the chilly 50 degree weather (I know, it's not THAT cold, but still. I'm a Floridian. Work with me.), but it will definitely be worth it. Happy to see Corey and Ryan again, as well as a state that I barely know anything about. I will be bringing some cheese home, though, so just you wait!

Well, that's pretty much been my week. Perhaps I'll work on posting at least two times in seven days, so each of these "Sunday night rants" won't be so long.

Now, off to bed... class in 5 hours. Ugh.

Even though I'm finally getting the hang of this thing...

... I still don't feel that my talents are being used in the right ways. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving Entertainment. It's a lot of fun to actually be in a role that I've always wondered about. But I miss Operations. A lot.

As you can see in the lovely photo to the right, I drive the floats in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (my apologies to the few of you that could actually understand "MJJ at DAK", however, I just want to make sure everyone, if anyone, fully understands)

Anywho, like I was saying, I drive this parade... a lot. Even though I'm part-time, give two full days of availability, and actually have a few more skills than the average Entertainment Performer, I get stuck here. Every weekend. Just for this parade. Nothing before, nothing after. (for those of you doing the math, that's a whopping 8 hours of pay each week) Yes, I understand that it's the slow season, the economy isn't at its best, and Entertainment has been cutting back a bit... but still. I can't even get hours at Coaster, in Merchandise, Foods, or anywhere else I have skills for. Ugh. It sucks.

Getting back to the point of this entry, I had the opportunity to drive the Tiger Rickshaw (seen above) both days this past weekend. Although the Tiger is easier to drive than the Gator, I really think I'm getting a good handle on it. I'll be driving it again on Friday, perhaps even better than before. Which makes me happy.

I love driving floats. Probably because it feels more like Ops than Entertainment. It's a machine - I am in control. Yes, I know, I'm all dressed up like a bird, but still. It's fun. I really want to be able to learn more parades, but that's tough for a part-timer. I've seen interest sheets up for Magic Kingdom specialty parades (i.e. for the Halloween and Christmas parties) and for Super Soap Weekend (where all you're really doing is driving fancy cars down Hollywood Blvd. at the Studios with soap stars sitting on the back - how cool is that?), but, alas, I can't express interest in those without already being a driver in those Parks - which is the hard part.

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to learn some new stuff soon. I've been pondering the idea of getting out of this role as soon as my six months are up (which will be on December 15th, for those of you who are counting), but I don't want MJJ to be the reason. Like I said, I'm just hankering to get back into Ops. But, I have to remember, I came to Entertainment to have fun while I still can and get away from a role I was in for over two years. It would be stupid to go back too soon.

I shouldn't get all "Ops happy" too soon. It's only been four months. Perhaps I'll discover some new talents in this role or even discover ways to use what I do have in a whole new way! Only time will tell, I guess.

Music to your... blog?

After listening to many other bloggers' music from playlist.com for quite some time, I have finally decided to create a playlist of my own! You'll find it happily parked on the right-side of this page, in all its office green glory.

Since this is my first playlist, I've decided to simply throw in a few awesome songs that I just can't enough of. As I play around with it more (or whenever I feel like it), I'll be adding/removing/changing the songs - so, stay tuned!

More about this past weekend to come...